Adventuring with a plastic busting purpose.

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Meg devised Packrafts Vs. Plastic seeking a new purposeful, environmental adventure. The expedition saw a team of two paddling by Packraft along the Grand Union Canal from Birmingham to London, negotiating locks, navigating tunnels stretching over 2km, and aqueducts.

A journey of over 12 days and nights, some spent wild camping, in the depths of a freezing winter.

Clearing plastic pollution along the way, and promoting engagement with the City to Sea Refill campaign. Thanks to Packraft sponsors Backcountry, the UKs official Alpackaraft dealer.  

Almost 2000 pieces of plastic and other detritus cleared from the UKs waterways


Meg joined this environmental adventure run by Erin Bastian (Evoke Adventure) and Bex Band (Love Her Wild), which saw a team of 17 women embark on a 300km journey by sea kayak coast to coast, from Bristol to London, wild camping along the way.

The expedition saw the team collect over 3000 piece of plastic from the waterways, shine a spotlight on the issues of plastic pollution, and champion solutions at source.